April 7, 2013

Pregnancy is in many ways a right of passage.  As expectant mothers we spend 9 months waiting for and dreaming of of this little life growing within us. We plan and we research… we obsess over every little detail in preparation of this little coming miracle. We dedicate hours creating the perfect nursery, and fixating over which stroller or diapers, or bottles will be best for our baby.  We want to welcome this little one with a simultaneous expression of style, comfort, and safety. As mothers we pour our heart and soul into every last detail for our newborn baby’s arrival, and our team of mothers here at Twinkle Photo believe that choosing the right newborn photographer for your baby should not be any different.

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Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended, Infants, Baby Photographer, PA, NJ, Twinkle Photo, Boy and Girl, BabiesThere is a lot to look for in a newborn photographer. It is important to find someone with experience, not only with their camera- but someone who has experience connecting with their tiny subject. A good portrait photographer needs to know her subject and be in love with them from the get go. They need to be able to connect with their subjects. With that being said, I want to introduce you to my  Twinkle Photo teammate,  Tara. I can say with all sincerity, that I do not believe you could  find a newborn photographer in the Lehigh Valley more knowledgeable or passionate about her little clients and their parents than Tara.

Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer RecommendedTara knows newborns. In fact you could say she is a bit of an expert on them, you may have even taken her class! While she may not have written the book on newborn care, she has certainly taught it many times over. Tara has been Childbirth and Newborn Care Educator at Lehigh Valley Hospital for the past 5 years. Thats right, she literally teaches the class on how to care for and comfort newborns… I can in all honesty tell you that your baby could be in no better hands.

Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer RecommendedMy first newborn session with Tara was a bit of a thing of magic. I have done many newborn sessions in the past, but never with the grace and ease that she displayed wooing and posing these two beautiful twins. While newborns are a mystery and even sometimes a bit scary to new parents- Tara understands them well… she speaks their language, and she calms their souls. She is incredibly confident and comfortable handling these tiny newbies.

Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer RecommendedWhen I asked Tara about what she thought she brought to the table in terms of her experience with newborns she had this to say.

“I haven’t met a newborn yet that frightens me!”  She jokingly added, “Except maybe Lila and all of her colic!” referring to her own now 4 year old daughter.

I believe that Tara’s experience as a newborn care educator coupled with her experience as a real life mom is what makes her the absolute best. Tara is understanding of not only the needs of your new baby but also the needs of a new mom and dad. She has been there, and she knows how to confidently help you navigate this new experience while capturing its beauty with her lens. She is patient, and understanding of the many needs of you and your baby- feeding, diapering, burping, spitting, waiting and calming… it is all part of the beautiful fleeting season of having a newborn in the house.

She comes ready with all of her experience and calming techniques. With Tara in your house, you might just have your hands free long enough to sit back and enjoy a much deserved cup of coffee as she works her magic creating art with your beautiful babies!


Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer RecommendedWhen I asked Tara what she loves most about babies, she quickly answered “Everything!” and then after a pause and a chuckle went on to explain…

“ Well, except for the sleepless nights & showerless days, of course. Oh, & then there is the fact that spit up becomes a permanent accessory, excess washing od seemingly everything in your house & lugging heavy infant carriers…. Haha.

Seriously though, I can honestly say, with PLENTY of hindsight here, that nothing beats the newness & excitement of a newborn! They are just perfect little people. Each one is so cute & lovable in their own unique way.”

Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer RecommendedWhen I asked her then what makes her passionate about newborn photography, she had this to say…

“ I’m just extremely interested in all things baby … pregnancy, labor & delivery, & caring for that sweet little munchkin. I’ve come to realize that although raising a newborn is the BEST of times, its also so fleeting. Seriously, your baby will be having his or her 1st birthday before you know it. And, often, its hard to appreciate how perfect a time it is when you’re in the thick of it, knee deep in poopy diapers. What excites me most about being a newborn photographer is being able to stop time for you in my art. With photography we are able to capture those tiny, most special newborn characteristics for the proud parents. Whether its capturing a baby’s furry shoulders, peeling & wrinkly fingers & toes, chubby smoochable cheeks or a really great head of hair… everything changes so quickly and it is amazing to be able to capture the beauty of these fleeting moments for you to hold on to.  I also love photographing the nursery, again all of the details that every parent works tirelessly to prepare for their baby. And you just cant compare anything to those sweet moments between parent and their new child. Trust me, those are the details you’ll cherish forever!”

Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer RecommendedIn addition to teaching classes at the hospital and photographing newborns, Tara is also the mama of three beautiful children of her own. She and her husband have two daughters ages 5 1/2 and 4, and an adorable son who is about to celebrate his very first birthday! Tara also counts it an honor to provide labor support for moms at the hospital and is available for birth photography as well.

This woman is pretty remarkably amazing, the baby whisperer we call her, and I hope that you and your precious children get to meet her and her many talents soon. To book a newborn session in the Lehigh Valley with Tara, please email hello@twinklephoto.com.

Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended Best Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer Recommended


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