September 21, 2013

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Oh my.. .this was such a sweet family to spend an evening with.  When I met them at the Archibald Johnston Estate (which Mom & I were eager to explore) their little guy was fast asleep.  We took advantage of the moment & got some really lovely shots of just Mom & Dad together.  I was amazed at how natural & easy it was for them to pose as a couple in front of the camera.  Let’s face it, we can all remember a time when taking a photo with a significant other was less than… ahem, comfortable.  Not these two!  Smooches & all…. it was like I wasn’t even there.  Either that or they’ve been taking modeling classes for a decade.  Insert their adorable son into the pictures & more of the same — natural, tender, happy moments.  As a photographer, it was a DREAM.  I think its safe to say that they are living their fairytale.  *Sidenote: They were so blissful that 2 nearby deer didn’t even flinch as we approached.  It was like a page right out of Snow White.*


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