September 25, 2013

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I just love a perfectly coordinated family.  Didn’t Mom do a great job putting these outfits together?  We had THE most perfect weather for this family session at the Allentown Rose Gardens.  The cool breeze was a refreshing break from the hot & stickies we’ve been dealing with for months on end.  These blonde cuties are the same gender & ages as my own three children so I knew this would be a totally relatable experience.  And indeed it was!   Little Blake ran the show.  “Ran” being the key word.  Without having to keep up with him, I don’t know if we would’ve had the opportunity to check out as much of the gardens as we did.  Big sisters, Vivian & Avalyn, just love their little brother to pieces.  Vivian, the sweet & attentive one.  Avi was oh so silly & sassy with her poses.  I enjoyed swapping stories & comparing notes with Mom & Dad.  It was a great evening with this family. ~Tara

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