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May 8, 2013

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Check out this cute family of 3 (& a half) that I got to know last weekend. The location was perfect for this big brother-to-be as we encountered so many exciting things during our session together. Trains, horses, railroad tracks, dogs, shoulder rides & peek-a-boo…. & he wanted “MORE” of everything. Can you blame him? This smart cookie taught me a few things — he has quite the sign language vocabulary. Thank you, Vincent, for teaching me some farm animal signs. The chicken was my favorite. I can’t wait to see you all again when there are MORE of you. ~Tara

May 7, 2013

Lehigh valley Maternity Photography

Lehigh valley Maternity Photography Lehigh valley Maternity Photography Lehigh valley Maternity Photography Lehigh valley Maternity Photography Lehigh valley Maternity Photography Lehigh valley Maternity Photography Lehigh valley Maternity Photography

I first met Sarah and Taylor about a year and a half ago as we talked bout their wedding plans at Monterre Vineyards. Later that spring I visited them at Taylor’s family lake, and that summer I joined them for their beautiful wedding in the vineyards. It has been such a joy to watch their story unfold… and now with the miracle of their pregnancy, I got to join them at Lockridge Park for some maternity photos. Sarah is just perfectly lovely, in every phase of life her face just paints a picture of joy. I am so excited for this little baby to meet his parents this summer. These two are amazing and I look forward to watching their family grow.

Here is a glimpse back in time to their gorgeous wedding…

October 7, 2011


I just met Matt and Michelle this past Sunday and I adore them! Our awesome friend Kristina introduced us and had gifted Michelle with a Twinkle Maternity Shoot. Thanks to the rain the shoot was posponed, but that didn’t stop us all getting together for some delicious food. Before dinner Michelle was nice enough to put on her polka dots while Kristina styled the table in retro baking gear. In highschool I used to wonder if I would become a crazy old art lady one day, and it’s moments like this, subjecting brand new friends to crazy things for the sake of creativity that make me believe I may just be on my way ( although now I have friends like Kristina to join me 🙂 .  The idea behind the shoot started out as pregnancy cliches, we didn’t carry it through to the other cliches but ” bun in the oven” inspired some super cute photos here. This couple was absolutely fantastic and their love for each other shines through each and every silly photo.  Michelle actually has 2 buns in her little oven that they are expecting early next year! Yay!! I am truly excited for you guys! Hanging out the pther night really has me reflecting on the miracle of twins.  I am excited to be taking your photos, to get to know you better as well as your belly and family grows!  The bulk of this shoot was canceled, thank you again rain , so look out for these guys again in a few weeks when we get outside for some beautiful apple orchard photos!

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