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March 9, 2014

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As hard as it is for this mama to wrap her head around, our little man turned six last month!  The baby who once had a hard time learning how to crawl and walk has turned into a little  super human with enough bounding energy and strength to get enough excersize for our entire family. His new obsession is Parkour, and winter has not been kind to his diligent need for practice. His bunked has become a climbing and jumping platform, our doorways his practice for scaling walls- us mama’s are often guilty of using the phrase “the kids are just climbing the walls!” well I can whole heartedly say its been true in our house this season.

Last week we went to visit some good friends in NC and enjoyed some slightly warmer weather and at least not snow covered grounds. The kiddo and I took this opportunity to take some Parkour shots outside of Target. Later this same day, buddy got the bloodiest nose and mouth I have seen yet while trying to jump through a big O sign in the mountains of Virginia. I am glad we got pics in the shirt and tie before the were drenched in blood 🙂 Had I not been a panicking mama at the time of his fall, those shots might have been quite fitting too. Anyway, I can’t think of a better way to take a portrait of my little man than the shots above. N, may you always have the spirit of adventure and exploration that you do today- and may your confidence, faith, grace in imperfection, and patience grow stronger with each passing year. I know its just a blink of an eye until you are towering over me in hight and dreams… but you will always be my baby boy. I love you!

We want to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to Gabriel Arnold  at Pinnacle Parkour in Washington Twp., NJ. Gabe is friends with our good friend Danielle and surprised our little man with the most amazing video for his birthday! Gabriel, you have no idea what an impact you made on our aspiring Spider Man! We are so thankful that you would think to take the time and share your love and advice with out family! If anyone reading this is in South Jersey…. I highly recommend you send your kiddos his way for a lot of fun, and some great encouragement along the way!  Thank you!

Here is the awesome video from Pinnacle Parkour.

September 24, 2013

oceancitynjfamilyportraits_001 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_002 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_003 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_004 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_005 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_006 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_007 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_008 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_009 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_010 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_011 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_012 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_013 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_014 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_015 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_016 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_017 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_018 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_019 oceancitynjfamilyportraits_020If there is something I have noticed while taking photos of people on vacation, it’s that the beach really is a home away from home!  The same was true for this extended family.  And how stunning are they in their greens and blues?  Such an appropriate color scheme for some time by the sea.  We had a nice time walking the beach and running around down by the water.  These cousins were also pretty determined to get doused in saltwater just in time for bed!  Oops!  Hope we didn’t get them too salty Moms and Dads!


September 17, 2013

oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_001oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_002 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_003 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_004 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_005 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_006 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_007 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_008 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_009 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_010 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_011 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_012 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_013 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_014 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_015 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_016 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_017 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_018 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_019 oceancitynjlargeextendedfamilyphotos_020

I loved, loved, loved this extended family shoot!  We met on an awesome private beach in Margate overlooking the north end of Ocean City.  It was a beautiful location for a beautiful family!  It was so much fun breaking up each little family and then siblings and cousins.  The many combinations really brought out everyones’ personalities!  I can tell they are the kind of people who really stick together.  Isn’t that what they say?  “The family that vacations together, stays together.”

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