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September 19, 2013

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August 15, 2013

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This baby girl is #5 in a lineup of adoring siblings.  And, adoring is no exaggeration.  This is one close-knit family where the big sisters & big brothers are such a huge help to mom & dad .  Each one of them was so thrilled to have another new baby in the house to care for.  After a smooth-sailing birth at home, this 11 pound cutie blessed an entire houseful with a whole lot of baby to love.  She was super snuggly & had THE sweetest cheeks (both sets of ’em)!  Besides, with a bigger family, she had to make sure there was enough of her to go around.  😉  I honestly don’t know how such a petite mama grew so much baby love but, great job… she’s perfection!


July 25, 2013

lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_001 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_002 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_003 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_004 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_005 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_006 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_007 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_008 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_009 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_010 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_011 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_012 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_013 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_014 lehighvalleyfamilyphotographykessler_015

A ‘GIVING BACK’ SESSION: When I look at the above images & think about this session, I get the warm & fuzzies. It was such a special photo shoot… for so many reasons. Mostly, I was just honored to be able to gift this extremely deserving family with a newborn/family session. And on such an appropriately patriotic weekend, at that — 4th of July.
Here’s a quick look into why it was so easy to want to bring this family a little added joy following the arrival of their newest ‘Y’ chromosome. This past winter I was put in touch with Christine (virtually, of course) through a mutual friend. Initially, to provide labor support for Christine during the birth of her 3rd baby boy while her hubby, in the US Navy, deployed overseas. Circumstances changed & upon his arrival, Baby J was going to require the special love & attention from the fantastic staff at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Christine & I became fast, modern-day pen pals as I was able to relate to her situation. By the way, I love how this mama seems to handle everything with such positivity & grace. Now, get ready to pile on the blessings… Let’s start with the 2 little boys that Christine & Mike already have. Big brother’s D & N are just sweet, funny kids. (Psst – Don’t they just have THE most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen!!!) Its apparent, they just love their new brother to pieces. Mike’s deployment date got pushed back & he was able to join Christine at CHOP, meet Baby J & spend precious time together as family. Baby J was home lickity split from the hospital. Whew – what a relief & what a trooper! When I arrived for the shoot, it was a great moment to meet Christine in person, as well as her family. Baby J was perfectly content & adorable for his photographic debut. A future career, perhaps? 😉
I want to express a heartfelt “thank you” to this fam for allowing me to capture their moments as a new family of 5. I hope they are special images that you can cherish. In addition, the biggest “THANK YOU” ever, for the great sacrifices that you make as a family so that Mike can serve & protect this country. Mike, may you stay safe during your deployment & return home soon. ~Tara

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