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December 7, 2013

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What a great way to end a beautiful wedding season! Kate and Preston’s wedding fell on a Sunday, the last day of a three wedding weekend for us… and the last wedding we would shoot of the season. It was an early end to wedding season this year, and Kate and Preston were married outside in October’s full glory.  Their ceremony was extra meaningful as her dad not only gave her away, but lead these two in the marriage vows. Surrounded by great friends and family, this couple had a gorgeous  wedding day and we are thankful to have been a part of it. Kate and Preston, may you have many wonderful years together!

December 4, 2013

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We were so blessed to be a part of Greg and Kat’s beautiful Woodloch Pines Resort Wedding in the Poconos. The lake was the perfect backdrop for this perfect couple to get married. I don’t know that we have been to a more beautiful or more helpful venue than Woodloch. I loved getting to know Greg and Kat (and their puppy) through their engagement session. I love when you meet a couple who just naturally puts each other at ease. This was even more apparent  on the day of their wedding when we got to see the two of them smile at each other as though it was the first time. The look of true love is something pretty magical, and I am so thankful to be invited into people’s lives to capture this in photography. Greg and Kat made my job easy. We wish the two of you many many happy years in your new life together! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your big day.

November 26, 2013

roger&juliesneakpeek_001 roger&juliesneakpeek_002 roger&juliesneakpeek_003 roger&juliesneakpeek_004 roger&juliesneakpeek_005 roger&juliesneakpeek_006 roger&juliesneakpeek_007 roger&juliesneakpeek_008 roger&juliesneakpeek_009 roger&juliesneakpeek_010 roger&juliesneakpeek_011 roger&juliesneakpeek_012 roger&juliesneakpeek_013 roger&juliesneakpeek_014 roger&juliesneakpeek_015 roger&juliesneakpeek_016 roger&juliesneakpeek_017 roger&juliesneakpeek_018 roger&juliesneakpeek_019 roger&juliesneakpeek_020 roger&juliesneakpeek_021 roger&juliesneakpeek_022 roger&juliesneakpeek_023 roger&juliesneakpeek_024 roger&juliesneakpeek_025



We honestly get to work with the best couples here at Birds Of A Feather. I first met Julie and Rodger at a consultation last spring at Ikea. I was so impressed from the beginning at their love for each other and their caring spirits, they just made you feel like you were in the company of friends. And good friends there two are, they have so much fun together! The next time we met up was at Dorney Park in Allentown PA for their engagement session. Round and round on swings, up and down on roller coasters, and then round and round gain on the music express… we had so much fun and these two proved that they were ready to face the ups and downs of life together… dizziness and all.

We were so happy to share in their beautiful fall wedding day at Bear Creek Resort. The warm october sun fills their photos, along with the warm love of friends and family who gathered from all over for this long awaited celebration. John and I were so blessed to be a part of your day and are excited to watch your new life together unfold. You guys are great… and we know great adventures wait to greet your adventurous spirits!

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