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February 25, 2014

Please watch Danielle’s amazing video here…

Lehigh Valley Adoption Photography and Videography

Lehigh Valley Adoption Photography



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Danielle and I (Tassia) has an amazing privilege the other week when we were invited into the adoption story of baby McKinley and his amazing parents. It started months ago with an email from his adoptive mother who was anxiously awaiting his birth from half way across the country. As Edith shared their story and their love for their unborn son, we jumped at the opportunity to be able to share this special chapter in their journey with them. As Edith explained, she and her husband would be driving out to share in McKinley’s birth. This meant that they would be hundreds of miles away from all of their friends and family at the time of his birth and adoption- and photography and videography were very important to her to be able to share these amazing first moments with McKinley’s new family and friends who also anxiously awaited his arrival back home!

Thank you so much for allowing Twinkle Photo to be there to share in and capture these first amazing moments of your son’s life. We hope that they will be a treasured piece of your family history for years to come!



September 23, 2013

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One of my most favorite things about a newborn session is getting to witness all of the joy & love that parents have for their new child.  As well as, the interaction between a new mom & dad.  The session is often a time for the parents to take a step back to admire & notice all of the expressions, details & emotions that this tiny person possesses.  It is often hard to slow down enough to see those things through the piles of diapers, demanded feedings & blurred vision (as a result of sleepless nights, of course).  Jon & Corrine were all smiles as they looked upon their new baby girl.  Addy returned the favor by staring back at them.  We laughed as she insisted on not missing a single second of the ENTIRE session.  She gave us plenty of expression.  They shared some really sweet moments together as a family of three.  I can’t wait to see how much Addy has grown when it comes time for her next turn in front of the camera.




September 21, 2013

ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_001 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_002 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_003 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_004 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_005 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_006 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_007 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_008 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_009 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_010 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_011 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_012 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_013 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_014 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_015 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_016 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_017 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_018 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_019 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_020 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_021 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_022 ArchibaldJohnstonEstatefamilyphotos_023

Oh my.. .this was such a sweet family to spend an evening with.  When I met them at the Archibald Johnston Estate (which Mom & I were eager to explore) their little guy was fast asleep.  We took advantage of the moment & got some really lovely shots of just Mom & Dad together.  I was amazed at how natural & easy it was for them to pose as a couple in front of the camera.  Let’s face it, we can all remember a time when taking a photo with a significant other was less than… ahem, comfortable.  Not these two!  Smooches & all…. it was like I wasn’t even there.  Either that or they’ve been taking modeling classes for a decade.  Insert their adorable son into the pictures & more of the same — natural, tender, happy moments.  As a photographer, it was a DREAM.  I think its safe to say that they are living their fairytale.  *Sidenote: They were so blissful that 2 nearby deer didn’t even flinch as we approached.  It was like a page right out of Snow White.*


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